EGB_2016-(10-of-14)Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban is a dance artist based in Berkeley, CA. She discovered her love for dance at the age of four when she began studying Ballet Folklórico Mexicano from Maestra Elena Robles in San Jose, and has since gone on to study a diverse range of dance forms. As a teenager, she trained and performed with Teen Dance Company and with Folklórico Nacional Mexicano (San Jose). In 2010, she was awarded by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts as a YoungArts scholar in the World Dance category for Ballet Folklórico (featuring traditional Son Jarocho dance of Veracruz). As an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University, Emmeline had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Meghan Durham-Wall, Susan Hadley, Bebe Miller, and Jimmy Ortiz Chinchilla. In Autumn semester of 2012, she also reconstructed two sections of Susan Hadley’s 1996 work, Commonplace, from Labanotation score under the guidance of Valarie Williams. In May of 2014, she received a B.F.A. in Dance from The Ohio State University, and subsequently returned to the Bay Area to immerse herself in the dance scene as a performer, creator, and teacher. She has created and shown choreographic works through various community outlets, The Garage SF, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, LEVYdance, the OSU Department of Dance, and the American Dance Festival. Emmeline was a 2015 Artist-In-Residence at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center for her collaborative project Mudanza Discorde, which creates experimental dance works fusing Ballet Folklórico with Contemporary/Modern Dance. She has performed with Bay Area choreographers such as Liz Boubion (Piñata Dance Collective), Erica Pinigis (Scratch Dance), Cherie Hill (IrieDance), and Vanessa Sanchez (La Mezcla).


Photo by Francisco Martinez

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