Artist Statement


As a choreographer, Emmeline takes an intuitive, process-based approach which aims to create dance that is emotionally resonant (without presenting a message or central thesis). In building the methodology of her process, she takes inspiration from psychological research on spiritual/religious belief, which explains how people perceive and create profound meaning from chaos. Based on this research, Emmeline allows herself to be guided by 4 main assertions while choreographing:

  1. Human beings over-read causality and significance. Viewers of a dance piece will assume and perceive a central message whether or not one exists.
  2. Given assertion #1, a choreographer can create emergent meaning by using strict patterns, systems, and formulas as a jumping off point for a dance work.
  3. Even though choreography is a creative (and therefore subjective) endeavor, a choreographic process can still mirror a scientific process if the choreographer makes her pre-conceived ideas about the dance as irrelevant as possible.
  4. Dance pieces in which the choreographer’s intended meaning is easily identifiable are inherently less interesting.

Through her process, Emmeline aims to create work that can reach beyond the viewer’s ability to recognize patterns and symbolism; She aims to encourage a more intuitive viewing experience where meaning is felt, but cannot be expressed.


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