Slick Babble Dance Project

Slick Babble Dance Project launched in December of 2015 with rehearsals for its premiere on February 24-25th, 2016 at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco, CA.

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Slick Babble with Borders

Slick Babble Dance Project’s first evening-length dance work was created through RAW (resident artist workshop) produced by SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.

Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban’s work as an independent choreographer aims to enrich the lives of audience members by creating emotionally resonant dance works using psychologically-based choreographic methodology. In building the methodology of her process, she takes inspiration from psychological research on spiritual/religious belief, which explains how people perceive and create profound meaning from chaos. Through her choreographic process, Emmeline aims to create work that can reach beyond the viewer’s ability to recognize patterns and symbolism; She aims to encourage a more intuitive viewing experience where meaning is felt, but cannot be expressed.

“Slick Babble” is an abstract (and delightfully blasphemous) representation of this choreographic philosophy.

Emmeline’s newest evening-length work, Us, Fumbling will explore the abstraction of human interaction through this methodology. Using real experiences and emotions as a baseline inspiration, this choreographic offering aims to encapsulate the essence of real-life story in the absence of narrative structure.


Photo by Francisco Martinez. Pictured: Nathan Forster, Aimee K. Heslop, Erica Pinigis