Mudanza Discorde [on hiatus]

You’re Invited

to an Informal Showing/Open Rehearsal for Mudanza Discorde!




Mudanza Discorde has been experimenting and collaborating for 4+ months, and now we want YOU to get in on the action!

Come join us for an (extremely) informal showing of our work-in-progress on Sunday June 28th, 2015 at 1pm. It will take place at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in studio 3.

Questions, comments, and “wrecking” are all encouraged! Musical arrangements by Tanya Benitez!

You can RSVP on facebook (and invite some friends!) through the link below:

Mudanza Discorde was established in September of 2014 as a collaboration between dance artists Ramon Pulido and Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban. It was created in order to further their choreographic efforts fusing Ballet Folklórico Mexicano with Contemporary/Modern dance. After first experimenting with these ideas separately, Ramon and Emmeline discovered their mutual interests and set out to collaborate on a new dance work which will be developed during 2015. Mudanza Discorde’s first project will be created with the support of Shawl-Anderson Dance Center’s AIR (Artist In Residence) Program.

Mudanza Discorde aims to help further Ballet Folklórico Mexicano in the contemporary age by offering an alternate vision of how Mexican folklore is adapted for the stage. The point of departure for this collaboration between two artists is a mutual curiosity regarding the status quo of typical “cookie-cutter” Ballet Folklórico choreography. What is the purpose of Ballet Folklórico in our society, and how do compositional strategies used by the big name choreographers reflect this? In Ballet Folklórico, the feeling of liberation provided by finding a cultural voice is one side of a dichotomy between freedom and limitation. Traditionalists tell us the right and wrong ways to adapt folkore for the stage (based on their subjective interpretations of historical study). Of their rules, we are skeptical. Mudanza Discorde is our response.

In this joint venture, Ramon and Emmeline will continue their choreographic research using the 100 hours of rehearsal space they have been granted by Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. The methodology for this research will begin with historical research on three main topics:

1) the invented tradition of “Veracruz Jarocho” in the Ballet Folklórico vernacular

2) the traditional context of Son Jarocho

3) the sociological context of contemporary interpretation of Son Jarocho from 1950’s-present

With their choreographic research, Mudanza Discorde’s members aim to situate themselves within this historical framework in order to re-imagine the tradition according to personal movement backgrounds and artistic aesthetics. Rather than auto-exoticize themselves in the process, they hope to offer audiences an alternate and innovative perspective on cultural dance and the power of representation.


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