Scratch Dance: “Of Stills and Lifes”


Scratch Dance Presents:

“Of Stills and Lifes”

Friday, February 12th, 2016 at 8pm
Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at 8pm
Sunday, February 14th, 2016 at 2pm

Tickets $20 advance sales / $25 at the door
$15 advance for seniors, youth, and Mills community
$20 at the door for seniors, youth, and Mills community

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“Since the fall of 2014 Scratch Dance has been creating “Of Stills and Lifes,” an evening length performance derived from a telephone game like process. Starting from two short movement phrases and asking dancers to create short movement phrases of their own from prompts, one duet at a time has been created based on the last. The totality will combine eight duets and a solo, created one based upon the previous, into a program shown February 2016. These duets provide a glimpse into the personalities of the dancers and the subtle and sometimes bold ways they adapt to take on a new partnership. Non-dance collaborators include Dan Gottwald – contributing a sculptural musical instrument that the dancers can play together live in the performance, Eric Marquez – documenting the process through real time sketches and whose art will be used in costuming, and Gretchen Jude – creating the sound score.

Led by artistic director Erica Pinigis, Scratch Dance makes, locally sources, and collaborates on all elements of each production: costumes, sound/music, makeup, design, movement, art, inspiration, location, site, funding, promotion, and more. We make everything with our very own hands, feet, and the sweat of our brows in small batches from the most RRR sources and resources. We reduce artistic as well as tangible waste; re-using, re-purposing, and recycling to invent, create, and innovate everything surrounding and involving our dances. Through that “from scratch” effort, we strive to engage in and enhance the world we all live in, a world that needs and thrives on the creative abundance that dance can provide.

Scratch Dance’s work isn’t just wholesome to make, it’s original and delicious to consume. We want to scratch the itch that you didn’t even know you had. We want to fill your ears and nostrils, create a feast for your eyes, and draw your physical sensations to the surface; giving you, our audience and community, a fully embodied experience of dance that you can’t help but savor, digest, and take home in your memory to enrich you.”


Slick Babble Dance Project

My brand new dance company Slick Babble Dance Project has just launched with rehearsals for our upcoming premiere on February 24-25th, 2016 at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco, CA. This is an exciting endeavor for me, and I hope to include you all as valued members of the Slick Babble Dance Project community.
Slick Babble with Borders

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Slick Babble Dance Project will create its first evening-length dance work through RAW (resident artist workshop) produced by SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.

Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban’s work as an independent choreographer aims to enrich the lives of audience members by creating emotionally resonant dance works using psychologically-based choreographic methodology. In building the methodology of her process, she takes inspiration from psychological research on spiritual/religious belief, which explains how people perceive and create profound meaning from chaos. Through her choreographic process, Emmeline aims to create work that can reach beyond the viewer’s ability to recognize patterns and symbolism; She aims to encourage a more intuitive viewing experience where meaning is felt, but cannot be expressed.

“Slick Babble” is an abstract (and delightfully blasphemous) representation of this choreographic philosophy.

Emmeline’s newest evening length work, “Us, Fumbling”, will explore the abstraction of human interaction through this methodology. Using real experiences and emotions as a baseline inspiration, this choreographic offering aims to encapsulate the essence of real-life story in the absence of narrative structure.


¡FLACC! 2015

Join us this coming weekend Sept 25-27th, 2015 for ¡FLACC!

at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco!


I’ll be performing with Piñata Dance Collective (choreographer Liz Boubion) for her new piece “Broken Piñata/Piñata #14”.

The festival includes works by Juan Manuel Aldape, Liz Boubion, Catherine Marie Davalos, Eric Garcia, Zari Le’on, Rogelio Lopez, and David Herrera.

The purpose of this annual showcase is to celebrate our heritage and innovations through multi-media dance performance.  Using our artistry as a vehicle to communicate relevant themes during our exceedingly escalating political and environmental climate, and to share culturally-based nuances with our dance communities, this festival also creates a platform to connect and strengthen our community as Chican@/Latin@ artists.  The artists’ subjects encompass a broad spectrum of abstract to dramatized themes of identity, immigration, deportation, gentrification, personal story, folkloric/modern fusions and re-appropriated traditions. ¡FLACC! 2015 also includes a site-specific street intervention celebrating the urban landscape of MCCLA’s 100 year old building, to invite public audience and visibility for the performing arts in the Mission District of San Francisco

¡FLACC! is committed to giving our greater community of Latino@s more access and exposure to contemporary modern and experimental dance forms by offering sliding scale tickets to the show, a free panel discussion with the artists and placing our work on a stage that specifically houses Latino/a artists. ¡FLACC! is the only annual contemporary dance festival celebrating the Latin@ constituency on the West Coast that is not centered on traditional or folkloric dance forms, (with the exception of one festival in 2009, that featured 3 artists, produced by choreographer, David Herrera, at The Garage. The other featured artists are Dance Monks, Detour Dance and Juan Aldape).

Our decision to create a space along the “cutting-edge” continuum of classical contemporary dance and performance art, gives the choreographers a lot of freedom socially, politically and artistically.  ¡FLACC! also allows us to share our work internationally with each other and to contribute our diverse artistic voices to the dance community locally, in a supported arena. ¡FLACC! 2014 was featured on KPOO FM with FLACC veterans, Natta Haotzima and Diana Lara and reviewed by writer, Heather Desaulniers in Critical Dance. This year, we are cross-promoting our publicity material with ODC, Shawl Anderson Dance Center and with all of our artist’s companies.  Our sustainability depends on our collaborations with each other and we are rapidly creating a recognizable platform for Latin@ artists to meet one another under one roof.

The Beat Fundraiser 2015

On August 29th, 2015, I performed for The Beat dance studio in Berkeley for their annual fundraiser performance!


I was joined by Sharon Benitez and Tanya Benitez for an all-female trio performance of dances from the Mexican state of Jalisco.

The performance took place at the Malonga Casquelord Center For the Arts in Oakland on Aug 29th at 8pm.

See more information here!

Terrestrial Footprints




June 5-6, 2015 at Omni Oakland Commons


Performance to feature live improvisation, African aesthetics and contemporary dance to new dub music by Brizion, rearranged by Peter Lionheart.

Tickets $10-35,;

More Information at

April 21, 2015, Oakland- After three years of developing her unit “Creative Movement and the African Aesthetic”, choreographer and dance teaching artist Cherie Hill premiers TERRESTRIAL FOOTPRINTS, June 5-6, 8pm at the Omni Oakland Commons. Inspired by teaching African dance elements from a conceptual perspective, TERRESTRIAL FOOTPRINTS is an evening-length work, featuring diverse and splendid dancers, Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban, Andreina Maldonado, Hope McManus, Linda Phung and Rose Rothfeder, unreleased dub reggae music tracks produced by Brizion, rearranged by Peter Lionheart and new contemporary dance by Cherie Hill. Tickets are $10-35 pre-sale or at the door. For more information visit:

TERRESTRIAL FOOTPRINTS is layered with ambient sound effects and heavy bass. Dancers connect, disconnect, ride waves of energy in their own and partners’ bodies and move with momentum and release. The choreography explores new contemporary dance styles that emphasize contracting, expanding, undulations and rhythm, concepts that are generally found in traditional African Diaspora dances, but rarely used for improvisational performance. Driving the piece is reggae dub music, a genre that is underground and eclectic in the U.S., and massively popular in parts of Europe and the Caribbean.

Composed of long, luscious movement, TERRESTRIAL FOOTPRINTS is the first dance of its kind entirely performed to dub reggae music. The piece moves between human and cosmic, revealing a painted gallery of female bodies, dancing through space, time and energy. Throughout, dancers collaborate with the environment and perform in the ballroom, on the stage, and in the balcony.

Hill says she fell in love with improvisation while taking summer workshops with Anna Halprin and teaching modern dance improvisation at Luna Dance Institute. She claims, “When dancers are given a structure to explore a concept or movement by their own means, they are empowered to reveal something that is hidden or unknown. As a black feminist and arts activist, I feel it is important for the dancers to experience and share these moments with the audience.” 

TERRESTRIAL FOOTPRINTS is motivated by the project “Creative Movement and the African Aesthetic” that was developed over a period of workshops, lectures and performances with the support of Luna Dance Institute, the Sacred Dance Guild, the National Dance Education Organization, and Peer Practices East Bay.

Cherie Hill IrieDance (

Cherie Hill aka IrieDance is a creative artist who researches dance, transcendence, and how the body is a vessel for metaphysical presence. Her pieces juxtapose alternative and cosmic existence with “real-life” experience to provide insight into the causes and rationalities of the universe’s time and space continuum. Satisfied by raw, ecstatic, gut moving dance, IrieDance works experiment with non-conventional spaces and developing movement in correlation to the environment. Dance, trance, women and the African Diaspora are continued research topics intertwined with black feminist standpoint theory. A firm believer that dance will play a key part in leading society to personal/communal/and spiritual transformation, Cherie produces projects that are conscious, analytical, and meditational. Her works have been performed around the country, and she has published in journals and presented at international conferences. Cherie holds a BA in Dance and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, and a MFA in Dance from the University of CO Boulder. She is currently an independent choreographer, dance teaching artist and communications manager at Luna Dance Institute, and a research assistant for hip-hop dance legend Rennie Harris.

Brizion (

Brizion is a Dub and Roots music producer based in San Diego, California (USA) operating from DubStrand Studio, established in 2004. Since opening, Brizion has released numerous albums, CDs and digital recordings. His dub tracks have been featured on JAH Militant Records (France), Positive Vibes, Lion Roots, and Guidance HiFi, and his new releases include CD albums Deep Space, Dub Savanna, Defender Dubplates, Dub Prayer and Dub Revelation. Brizion mixes live at dub music events and recently performed at the United Nations of Dub USA Launch Party.

Peter Lionheart (

Peter Lionheart has built Lionheart Sounds for years, playing many gigs, producing and distributing tens of thousands of conscious Reggae mix CD’s, and working with local roots singers and producers. In 2008 he met Rumi Q who spent his formative years in Paris where he was exposed to and inspired by the thriving Sound System scene. In 2013 they debuted monthly Sound Sanctuary events where Inner Standing Sound plays well tuned and heavily amplified Reggae and Dub music on a custom sound system to uplift the body, mind, and soul. Inner Standing works to provide a safe space, a vibrational Sound Sanctuary, where natural, earthly, and cosmic energies of upliftment can flow unimpeded. The medium used to carry these vibrations is Roots and Culture music from the vintage classics of the 70’s, the digital revolution of the 80’s, the roots resurgence of the 90’s, all the way to the current cosmic UK electronic dub.  The musical experience provided is deep, mystical, meditational, and uplifting.

For more information visit,

Illusion Show 8

On May 16th, 2015, I got the chance to perform with Piñata Dance Collective at the Illusion Show at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts!


We presented a short 7 minute piece as part of a 5 hour “Art Happening” curated by Adrian Arias. This piece will be developed into a longer work to be shown at the 2nd annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers on Sept 25th-27th, 2015.


This year, under the theme-title “Carnaval Dream: Libertad de cuerpo y mente” Illusion show is coming back, after 7 years of absence. This One Day Happening show, is the reunion of more than 60 artists from different disciplines working together to express to the community what is art here and now, to show the creative process and to collaborate with other artists. This year we have 19 musicians, 11 painters, 8 poets, 15 dancers and performers, 13 artists of installation, and more.

Artists who dressed in white walk through a procession carrying a white briefcase into the galleries of the Mission Cultural Center. When the artists arrive to the galleries they will walk into the galleries that are covered in white paper for them to unpack their instruments, paints, and other materials to create art all over the gallery walls as well as floors.

Please dear AUDIENCE be dressed in black, and experience to walk in the empty space of the gallery completed wrapped with white paper.