Sctratch Dance


Scratch Dance Presents:

“Of Stills and Lifes”

Friday, February 12th at 8pm
Saturday, February 13th at 8pm
Sunday, February 14th at 2pm

Tickets $20 advance sales / $25 at the door
$15 advance for seniors, youth, and Mills community
$20 at the door for seniors, youth, and Mills community

RSVP on facebook!


Since the fall of 2014 Scratch Dance has been creating “Of Stills and Lifes,” an evening length performance derived from a telephone game like process. Starting from two short movement phrases and asking dancers to create short movement phrases of their own from prompts, one duet at a time has been created based on the last. The totality will combine eight duets and a solo, created one based upon the previous, into a program shown February 2016. These duets provide a glimpse into the personalities of the dancers and the subtle and sometimes bold ways they adapt to take on a new partnership. Non-dance collaborators include Dan Gottwald – contributing a sculptural musical instrument that the dancers can play together live in the performance, Eric Marquez – documenting the process through real time sketches and whose art will be used in costuming, and Gretchen Jude – creating the sound score.

Led by artistic director Erica Pinigis, Scratch Dance makes, locally sources, and collaborates on all elements of each production: costumes, sound/music, makeup, design, movement, art, inspiration, location, site, funding, promotion, and more. We make everything with our very own hands, feet, and the sweat of our brows in small batches from the most RRR sources and resources. We reduce artistic as well as tangible waste; re-using, re-purposing, and recycling to invent, create, and innovate everything surrounding and involving our dances. Through that “from scratch” effort, we strive to engage in and enhance the world we all live in, a world that needs and thrives on the creative abundance that dance can provide.

Scratch Dance’s work isn’t just wholesome to make, it’s original and delicious to consume. We want to scratch the itch that you didn’t even know you had. We want to fill your ears and nostrils, create a feast for your eyes, and draw your physical sensations to the surface; giving you, our audience and community, a fully embodied experience of dance that you can’t help but savor, digest, and take home in your memory to enrich you.


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